Divas Can Cook – A Divalicious Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Happy Thanksgiving!! Here are a few menu ideas from my site that you may find helpful if you’re still trying to decide what to make on Thanksgiving.

You can get all these recipes at http://www.divascancook.com

Music by Kevin Macleod

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  1. I am a very lucky woman to have found you while searching for an apple bread recipe!  You are awesome and your blog is amazing.  Thank you for time!

  2. Well today I was at Cracker Barrel for take out Thanksgiving.   MADHOUSE is an understatement!!!   Folks from all over the country was there along with their nieces and nephews.  UNBELIEVABLE!!

  3. You need to try Babunyas.com spices on your Turkey and stuffing.  All Natural, No MSG, and Gluten Free.  Babunya even cooked for Jacqueline Kennedy a Thanksgiving Dinner.  Watch the video recipe on their website

  4. Southern backed macaroni though ♥♥ how could I make that it looks so delicious id love to give it a trt for this years thanksgiving Please let me know 🙂

  5. Start off by saying ur recipes are a great hit at my house. So far everything I have made everyone loves espececially sweet potato pie and Homemade Yeast Rolls Recipe (Grandma Barb's BANGIN' yeast rolls). You are a great cook! I was wondering if you had a recipe for pumpkin pie? If so could I use it! Thank you.

  6. OMGEEE girl! I literally just found everything I need for Thanksgiving! hahha! You are one BADASS cook girl and you got the personality to go with it! 😀 thank you sooo sooo much for sharing your talent and helping us women keep our men! LMFAOOO! forreal! This cooking is making him obssessed with me! hahahhahahah!

  7. I want to thank you for making cooking videos…I am a visual learner and it was so easy to follow along with your recipes. You have sparked in me that was always there. I enjoyed cooking. It was ALOT of work but, when I saw my family enjoying what was made.. all I could do was smile. You have been bookmarked and I plan on trying out other recipes in the very near future. So again,
    PurposedD aka Dana M.
    O'yeah HD= Holiday Dinner 🙂

  8. Hey Fellow Diva,
    1st off…here's wishing you a belated Happy Thanksgiving…hope you had a wonderful time with your family. Now…girl..I'm by way of Louisiana but live in Cali..never considered myself the: "Holiday Cooking Type" I know my way around the kitchen but a:"HD"…SMH.well I made myself a list and about a Buck Fifty later..I had made my 1st HD!
    Turkey Legs, Dressing, Mac N Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans & Yams. Even made a Sweet Potatoe Pie.

  9. Monique, Will you ever do a home baked ham recipe? Thats whats missing from my collection always buy Honey Baked Ham which is expensive. Love your channel! be blessed…

  10. Monique, My family literally stripped my turkey naked. THEY LOVED THE TURKEY! Even the kids loved it. Someone suggested I should make the turkey every thanksgiving from now on. Thank you so much!!

  11. OMG, I made that Cabbage recipe with the chicken booth. It is the greatest I will never make my cabbage the old way. Thank you so much. =)

  12. @stephbabylove23 I get it from Target, Walmart, Harris Teeter…any major grocery store should have it over in the spice aisle.

  13. Hey quick question I'm looking for cajun seasoning for my turkey brine and I can't find it!! Where do you get it from or what can I substitute it for?????

  14. Hi Diva!!!! Quick question. I bought my first turkey from the store. When I got home I noticed the turkey says its been injected. Will I be able to still use the buttlermilk brine or will it make it too salty???

  15. Taking notes! I used some of your recipes a couple of thanksgivings ago and it was my first time cooking, your recipes made me look like I knew what I was doing lol love your blog and your channel!!!!

  16. Your recipes are amazing. I've made the mashed potatoes & green beans already; awesome. My moot her already has her menu set, but hopefully I get to add something in. And you're so pretty.

  17. Hey girl!!! I wanted to tell you that my entire thanksgiving menu is from your blog, I'm a 24 mother of two and this my first time preparing thanksgiving and I'm super NERVOUS. so I just wanted to Thank god sharing your recipes, because in the south we take recipes to our graves, especially our grandma's, do I just thought that was really sweet of you to share them!!! Much love from MS girl

  18. @ShaunieceCooks lol I know hun, that means your mama raised you right!! Monique is just fine! I'll def. shoot the recipe over your way if I get it. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!!

Divas Can Cook – A Divalicious Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

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