Meghan’s dad reveals Duchess of Sussex’s most shocking secrets that s…

Meghan’s dad reveals Duchess of Sussex’s most shocking secrets that she never wanted anyone to know

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  1. If this is true, he is full of crap.I think he is a liar. He keep saying he done ,but he keeps talking.i watch all the royal weddings and Princess Diana's funeral i didn't know much about William or Harry, I don't think Meghan or people unless you're a troll goes on the internet looking at what the Royals are doing ever day.

  2. Megan trying to improve her image and her father and siblings embarrassed her. Shame on her for not respecting her parent, now that she has become a Duchess and he needs help

  3. This bot selectively piece together half truths about Meghan to feed the haters. Doria took Meghan away from her dad when Meghan was 2 and divorce her dad when she was 6; but she keep an amicable relationship with him. Dad place of work was almost next door to her elementary school and her high school so he baby-sat her on Friday's and had dinner with Doria and Meghan on Sundays. Doria worked hard and took care of Meghan and took her on several international trips as a little girl that gave her the adventure gene. When Meghan was getting ready to go to college she said that she and her dad were not on best of terms but she did not say why. Meghan always refer to her dad with good terms – never said anything bad about him. It appear while dad wanted Meghan to be ok, he did not want her to be more successful than the others. That may be the root of everything

  4. Aww the poor sob. Maybe it's because Meghan knew he and his daughter Samantha would do exactly what they've done. You think. The poor pity me attitude of theirs has become old and tiring. He needs to just stop and fade back into obscurity. This horse is way over ridden.

  5. Mr Markle* you claim to love your daughter** so just stop talking** My God *What a family your side of the Markle's are*

  6. You are damaging her What parent ask for thier money back . Did you ask her for any money when she was working on "suits". now you are bringing her friends and family into your mess. Grow up. Get some balls. and stop listening to Samantha

  7. Why would Harry want to be married and have children with someone so selfish, unfeeling and uncaring? This could all be sorted out by just sitting down and having a conversation with her father. His feelings are hurt. She is coming off in a not too compassionate or lovingly light. Neither is the royal family

  8. And Meghan is not as loving as she appeals. She is showing off her beauty and money not like Kate very respectful.

  9. And my sibling did me wrong but I wish her well and never told my parents to stop talking to them. That is selfish. Beauty with no heart and a front. The color and money brushed out reality. Harry is loved this is why his grandma bended.

  10. It's all about using people then ditching for Meghan. A BEAUTY on others efforts then angry because she doesn't want to acknowledge she started as a duckling.

  11. Mr Thomas Markel, needs to leave his daughter alone. He can't contact her. The press need to stop reporting Mr Thomas Markel is sob boils down to gossip, that is the only thing these reporters are imterested in. Certainly not in reporting the truth.

  12. Mr Markle is an awesome man. I grew up without parents. Truly Meghan was coveted she doesn't know about being parentless or poverty. She was sheltered. Rascisim Meghan doesn't know because she was in private school. She was a ducky helped by her dad with love and money bought her soul. May the Lord be with this family. Wish them well.

  13. Toxic dad at it again!!! Does this man have a filter,muzzle? I no their is freedom of speech but he is ridiculous!! That's his daughter,keep it up Thomas you will
    Never see her again!! Why your keep getting a platform ?

  14. O shut the hell up. This is old news. Royal watches did not live in the house with Meaghan 's family so they should not judge her. O racist pigs. Eat your hearts out because Meaghan is married to Harry.

  15. I do not believe that she is trying to same the Royal Family. Family can embarrass you at times. There's nothing you can really do about family acting out. Unless you want to make a fool of your own self. Which would only make matters worse.

  16. He needs to stop. I'm not saying he don't miss her, But…to keep telling lies n truth for MONEY, ND HER SIS SAMANTHA ND NOW A COUSIN!! WHO'S NEXT, A DEAD RELATIVE? HE WSNTS ATTENTION, LIKE A BABY..WA WA WA SHE NOT TALKING TO ME, WA WA WA I CAN'T SAY NOTHING WA WA WA. Get real.!!

  17. Thomas Markle sr didn't know whom were invited to wedding until saw it on television , why would need a invitation to be father of bride. shfu you are said same oh stuff over and over, but u running out gas with nothing else to say…….

  18. I never knew about or heard about Prince Harry until Diana’s death and all I saw was young sad little boy at the time and after that I saw Prince Harry as a trouble womanizer and getting into all kind of hell but I still didn’t know him only about his troubles. I don’t understand why this video needed to pull out of context what she said about not knowing him because she did not as per her words. The Markles 3 are liars and this tabloid keep putting the same crap out there with different date and different time to pass off as new. Sick of hearing these stories and if you stop all the nastiness said about Meghan from her family, you would loose money. Maybe that’s what all of us should do not to click or accept your bait stories so you can loose money and ratings

  19. I have no idea how much of this is even true, but we only have his word on this. We know how much he likes to play the victim and he has also confessed to lying to Harry.

  20. He is so bitter, jealous, angry and untrustful father, even if Meghan asked him about samantha he should never let anyone know. He doesn't know anything about integrity.

  21. FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS!! You Media people can't find anything new to report so you sensationalize old news and try to say it in a way that we in the public won't recognize it has already been proven to be false.. So what !!!! she did't stay in touch with an old friend, thats life . Her father is still whining, talking to the press and does not respect his adult daughter and her husband. I'm sure by now he realizes if he had not refused their offer of help with flying him over to London, protection from the press, that things would be different and he would be respected and in good graces with the Royal Family as Father of the Dutchess. He said Prince Harry told him it would happen but he did not listen just hung the phone up on him. So it is not Meghan and Harry's fault he is hard headed.

  22. Eeeeuughhh! Go to 1.02 mins and take a gander at that guy behind her!! He's scary! His eyebrows look to be at a crazy angle and you can see his cold stare under his sunglasses!! Are the royals employing alien bodygaurds?!?

  23. He blames everyone but himself. If he is such a loving father, why does he not shut up. He just wants to use her for his own purposes. He is not what he pretends, he was talking money and exalted. Sounds like if he does not get what he wants ….he destroys lives. Some father!


  25. Her father choose Samantha over Megan. He should have called a truce between the two sisters but he has taken Samantha side the two of them are making money off Megan. The British tabloid knows their type. The will soon get tired of them. lf meghans aspirations were to be a royal and now God answered her prayers. ls it a crime you haters live meghan alone. We love them.

  26. She never wanted him at the wedding! MM is a USER and unfortunately the witch only needed him to get where she was to be able to meet a damn Prince and now she is ditching him! Let's face it she ditches anyone in her life once she doesn't need them anymore… How utterly disgusting that ghetto hag is… I hope the Queen tells (makes) Harry to get rid of that trash and soon…

  27. What's shocking, why can't she be impressed with the royals, why r u so sure , if she is using them, the crown is using her, say what u will abt her u can't deny she's a very charming person and most ppl are charmed by her. Since u don't have her side of the story how can you comment on her like that. Sounds like haters to me.

  28. Meghan father won lottery 750,000 didn't spent all on Meghan . That lie he would do anything destroy his on daughter happiness when he not happy or his children they are some jealous family's. But what they doing to her come back twice time harder.meghan the queen need to let Meghan go on talk show interview to tell how feel toward her family Markle Sr. is coward…………… I don't blame Meghan stay away Meghan let your father do anything wanted but he will regret and he already regretted and it is hurting do badly

Meghan’s dad reveals Duchess of Sussex’s most shocking secrets that s…

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