Vaccines To Control Thought, Behavior, In Our Air, Water, Food

KafkaWinstonwolrd Repost (2013), with updated inserts on the flu.
Polymers 2011, 3, 1972-2009; doi:10.3390/polym3041972

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  1. yep..the same with Australian people….no intelligent critical thinking……its all about football and the satanic entertainers…you try telling them about the sky and geoengineering, etc..they just look at you, like you are crazy…

  2. It's ARTIFICIAL "intelligence" behind this. Quantum computers pretending to be of the Earth. They can not only control people with this, but can also upload and become these bio VESSELS! Bio portals.
    EMP. Shut Ai down! Why do we have cell phones? Cell phones? Cells?
    It's not called TELEphones… It's called CELL phones! The "Quantum Infiltrao" are MULTI-tasking with their number dialing contraption! It is attacking your cells. Cellular phones. Truth in plain sight. I've seen these Ai, these artificial losers gang stalk me, using what looks like phones and are really direct energy weapons. Ala speed the end of time and all abominations who came with time.

  3. I've seen that video. He's talking about using it over the Middle East. I found out yesterday that they are also spraying with Lithium.

  4. This explains the Complacent Attitude of the Majority World Wide…. & Yet Other's Can See What is Really Going On. Obviously a Percentage are Not Infected or Immune to it. Is this why the Corp Gvt pushing to test for Different Blood Types?

  5. Yeah,, I think You're Right,, they wanna kill Us,, but at the same time it seems like they wanna see how much We will take,, how much We can take,, how sick they can make Us,, how slow they can kill Us,, how much money they can make off of Us while they do it,, how stupid We are,, putting it in Our face,, having Us police each other into their control,, they've openly declared War on Us in 1954 in the 'NASA WAR DOCUMENT'..i.e. 'Silent Weapons for Quite Wars Document'..!! Deborah Tavares at 'Stop The' is a Wealth of Information..!! These sick SOB's can't be capable of possessing empathy,, remorse,, mercy,, or caring of any kind,, much less Love*~*!!

  6. En este asunto debemos de tomar acciones, una de las cuales ha de ser crear entornos lo mas biopositivos , ¿solucion? OROGONITAS y CLOUD BUSTER.

    Es fundamental rodearnos de Orgonitas y si es posible cuando vayamos al campo poner alguna en nacimientos de Rios, Picos de montaña, Cruces de Lineas Ley, cerca de Antenas….etc, eso si, ponganlas de Hierro, no de Aluminio.

    Respecto a los Cloud Buster, los que no tengan tiempo, ni ganas de hacerlos, pueden comprarlos, CHEMTRAILS GALICIA los vende y el tio que lleva este asunto es cojonudo, un ejemplo para muchos., estos se pondrian fuera de las casas.

    En cuanto a la Salud, tomen Plata u Oro Coloidal para eliminar los toxicos de los Chemtrails y/o Contaminacion, ademas hay un producto hipervitalizante que es el ORMUS, facil de hacer o comprar, Agua, Sal Marina o Himalaya y Carbonato Sodio.

    Es agradable ver que hay gente luchando contra estas actividades satanicas, no se desanimen, no estan solos, hay gente, muy poca eso si, que es "La Resistencia", ademas seguro que Dios nos observa y esta encantado de que haya gente tan noble en este psicopatico mundo y seguro que nos cuidara con todo el cariño.

  7. Revelation 12: 9 So down the great Dragon was hurled the original serpent, the one called devil and Satan, who is MISLEADING the ENTIRE inhabited EARTH. Rev. 12: 12 Woe for the earth and the sea because the devil has come down to you having great ANGER knowing he has a short period of time. Connect the DOTS, think slowly and hard. Revelation 13: I saw a wild beast ascending out of the sea. (The sea of mankind) with ten horns and 7 heads and on its horns ten diadems aka crowns but on its heads blasphemous names. Revelation 13: 4. " And they "worshipped the Dragon"aka Satan because it gave AUTHORITY to the wild beast. And they worshipped the wild beast with the words: Who is like the wild beast and who can do battle with it.? Prophecy unfolding before our eyes.

  8. Vaccines in our air.This is genicide.I truly never thought I would see such evil. And your right nobody listens and nobody cares.I guess what their doing is working because I can't even talk about it without being told I'm crazy. I don't even know what to say anymore.Maybe this is why my too oldest children have forgotten they have a mother that loves them.

  9. Please check out the book BRAIN CHATTER, FINAL VACCINATION, BY JEANINE LONDON Promise you won't be disappointed!
    Much love ya'll!!

  10. Kafka has since been removed from youtube. Not surprised, with so many others being systematically shut down for telling the truth.

  11. Many people already are the zombies. I'm sick here myself as it's hanging on and what is being sprayed when it gets you good has a mental flat lining effect. It's probably far less noticeable though if you been eating a lot of the processed food/fast food, drinking, or isolating yourself from nature which is why none of those zombies never complain or notice at all. Not just the sky they wanna make gray, they wanna drain the color from your mind and body too.

  12. The reason we cannot comprehend the mind of these excruciatingly SICK people is because our minds are not SICK. I have heard of FunvAX so many times. They were apparently spraying people in the mid east with that crap.

  13. They are attacking us on every front infecting us with the spraying and turning normal people into people that are attracted to the same sex, then those affected people do not realize what has been done to them and think it is normal and even come to some heated debates that it is okay. they go along with the big lie against humanity.

  14. The government is shut down but the spraying still continues, they must of had a big budget in advance to keep us all sick

  15. Obama?? state of the union address? Damn, the spray got to her already! All I know is I have insomnia and bad chest pains, lately. I was forced into ER where they tried to vac me. Nothing but idiots, anymore  And this is why! Im sick of interacting with dumbed down sheeple

  16. they dont care about what they leave on the table is exactly the answer ! They believe they are the kings and Queens and we are the peasants.. But we are still the many,and as a whole we could make such a change..but we are not a whole.. Its so frustrating to see things that are soo obvious, but others still don't see it clearly yet. and there is nowhere to run..

  17. It’s also a major spiritual issue, if you genuinely want truth no matter, if it destroys your desired paradigm, many will not even considered “Flat Earth” much less investigate it objectively, because of their love for Star Trek and tall tales of “Space travel” which is pure science fiction, but once you learn the earth is NOT spinning or a ball, Once one has the guts to take on the world that was forced upon them at a young age, you’ll find “HIS-story” is a fictional one, now we must find the Real-story!? great work, your compassion and intellect inspires me,

  18. Just when you think it can't get anymore crazy! Thanks Carol, Désirée (Sofia Smallstorm/ Viera Schreibner)
    Viera Scheibner, PhD ~ Vaccine Induced SIDS/Cot Death & SBS ~ Host, Sallie O. Elkordy Otto Lund on yt
    The level of deception is mind boggling, the earth is being mined on all levels! The new age and religious institutions have convinced people that we're going to transition into another level, mmmmm, so just sit and meditate and wish for the best, we'll levitate out of this stuff, but if that is why we are here then we would not have had to come here at all. Because the earth herself is not a hellhole it is being made into such by a parasite. So why are we here now?
    Animals are even more controlled than we are, more chipped & numbered and vaccinated.
    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference. I do know one thing for sure: WE ARE MIRACLES!!!

  19. Thank you for making sure we all know about the sadly never ending evil craziness of the people aka evil monsters running everything. Genocide is the name of the game & those that do survive will be mindless drones to be aware enough to do their dirty work they don't want to do but other then that they will be nothing more then slaves.

  20. Your lamentation here resonates with me in a profound way. I have almost reached the point where I've ranted myself out, I've got nothing left. The majority is so deeply compromised, so snarkey, so quick to be defensive or to attack, so completely "stupided" that I am reminded of a saying: when you argue with a fool, it's hard to tell the difference.

  21. much of the population of sheeple are worried about a war with Korea, But are completely clueless about the ongoing war that is in progress now, using silent weapons, weather manipulation weapons, toxic spraying weapons, toxic food weapons, toxic drug weapons, vaccine weapons, mind manipulation weapons, microwave weapons, and on & on & on & on. what's crazy is this war is not new, It has been going on over two decades. And then they wonder why all of their friends and family are dropping dead from cancer.

  22. Carol, you ask what is going on? IMO, they are killing us and, they want us to go quietly…. There is no end to this horror!

  23. We the people need lawyers! What can we do and where do we go to get this acknowledged and sue the government? Yes, we have prayer and we are protected. And, we deserve the right to fight, where do we start? Love you!

  24. I pray for Yahuwah's protection from this evil over my family and myself. No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

  25. You would think Normal means we would rise up against the Tyrannical Nightmare that we know as the Corporate Mind! We would bring back Family value and Craftsmanship based on Resources, that are not about Wars, and we would know of personal worth! …..They would be hung by a tree, or at the least set to shackles for a good public Flogging, if we were suddenly turned into Normal folk!

Vaccines To Control Thought, Behavior, In Our Air, Water, Food

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